New support to help UK companies tackle Cyber Security Threats

Digital cyber security threats

As part of the government’s £2.6 billion National Cyber Strategy to protect and promote the UK online, business owners are urged to toughen up against cyber security threats following recent guidelines from the UK Government.

Outlined in their draft January 2024 document and aimed at executive and non-executive directors, and business leads, the new guidelines establishes key cyber security issues which UK companies are currently facing. It also defines their roles within business as to how these cyber security threats can be tackled or better still mitigated against, in the first place. Furthermore, the proposed actions bring clarity for best practice across UK business teams, especially around software development whereby online based computer software is often used for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, to ensure that software is developed and maintained securely.

“The Code recommends that directors set out clear roles and responsibilities across their organisations, boosting protections for customers and safeguarding their ability to operate safely and securely”.

The new guidelines aimed at tackling cyber security threats will help to:

  1. Boost cyber resilience for directors and business leaders, by raising awareness around how cyber security threats are a priority, similarly to other business risk e.g. financial and legal challenges.
  2. Strengthen cyber resilience amongst directors to invest in new digital technologies which can drive innovation and increase competition.
  3. Empower organisations to reduce associated risk within companies in terms of software, supply chains, protecting customers, staff, and organisations.
  4. Operate safe cyber security and safeguard everyone involved.

To read more about the guidelines, please visit:

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