Is your business Cyber Aware?

Being cyber aware - Business Cyber Security

In an ever-changing digital era, being cyber aware is fundamental to the success of all businesses. For companies who don’t keep up to date with their cyber responsibility, it can be critical. Unfortunately, the situation can open them up to all types of cyber vulnerabilities, which are far beyond their control. However, being cyber aware doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes some time to recognise, consider and implement.

Where does a business start with becoming cyber aware?

Risk Assessment – To begin with, you will need to carry out a risk assessment across your whole business. List network names, all devices, software, employee names and anything else which could be subject to a cyber-attack.

Networks – Check that your network is secure. Update the network and WIFI password if it has not been changed recently and especially if you are still using the internet supplier’s default password (normally found on the back of the router). Check that the network it is up to date with the most recent security patches and include any extra security levels of access where possible.

Devices All devices should be regularly up-dated with a new login password. Check that Microsoft updates are continually switched on and double check that the anti-virus and firewall software is up to date. For added protection you can install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for an extra added level of security.

Employee Training – It is important that your employees are made cyber aware about the types of unscrupulous activity which they may come across within their day to day working roles. Phishing emails, ransomware and malware can all affect a business’s working activity from minor to extreme disruption. Always encourage employees to double check emails which they are uncertain about (especially if they don’t recognise the source) and raise awareness on never clicking on links which don’t look legitimate.

Use the cloud Historically, business files were often saved locally on computers or to a portable USB stick or drive – this resulted in lost files, and information landing in the wrong hands. Nowadays companies are encouraged to save files to the cloud, which are monitored and secured by third-party suppliers.

Use third-part experience – Did you know that there are businesses who solely provide security focused third-party support to companies? By utilising their specialist experience, means that they can take an unbiased approach to a business’s operations, equipment, and employees. Furthermore, they can offer the most up to date advice on how to improve cyber security within the company.

Get insured!JRW Risk Solutions provide cyber security liability insurance to businesses who are regularly dealing with private data and managing teams within an office or working from home environment. Through the implementation of a cyber security insurance policy, we can risk assess your business and improve your commitment towards cyber security. For more information, please contact us.

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