Make your business insurance part of your admin spring clean!

The spring months offer a great opportunity to get your business in-house admin in order. It is a perfect time to tackle those jobs which you have been putting off for far too long and give yourself a chance to bring everything up to-date.

Scrutinise problem areas!

Review each area of your business to understand where improvements could be made and where processes could be brought efficiently into the present. Make a list of items which need your attention so that you can prioritise tasks.

Assess Renewal dates!

Inform yourself on renewal dates.  Especially for aspects such as business insurance, rates and rents, finance, and tech.  With regular renewals you may want to understand, if you are receiving the best level of service and value for money.  Don’t forget that in terms of insurance, if your business has grown in the last 12 months, then you might find your company under-insured – this can be detrimental to how much financial support you can receive, should you need to make a claim.

Admin Spring Clean

Build goals!

Create a plan which includes the months of the year and then the tasks which you wish to complete within the time and list the renewal dates, so that you can allow plenty of time for research and timetable capacity if you need to switch.

Don’t overload!

Some of these tasks can take some time to research and send out communication.  Make sure that your plan is achievable amongst other regular daily duties.  You can also think about how you might be able to delegate to other members of your team to alleviate your own time.

If you are ready to review your business insurance or conscious that your company maybe under-insured, then why not speak to JRW Risk Solutions?  Our professional business insurance team offers a personal service to business clients in commercial liability protection, to cover aspects such as premises, stock, equipment, vehicles, and technology. Furthermore, we provide competitive quotations along with a high level of customer service.

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