How the UK can stay vigilant to cyber security threats

cyber security threatsCyber security threats are an ongoing concern for countries across the globe since the Russian invasion into Ukraine. The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSS) has seen increasing cyber threats to Ukraine from Russia as part of its method to bring down the Ukrainian government. Furthermore, some of these threats although not intentional, have over spilled into other countries.

Whilst to date, the UK hasn’t endured any significant cyber security threats, this doesn’t mean that as a nation and as business owners, that we shouldn’t be vigilant. Sadly, there is no end to the war insight, which means that cyber threats to the UK continue to be intense.

The NCSS 10 Step approach to cyber security threats

To support UK SME business, the NCSS recently offered the following information under its 10 Step Guidance for business owners and managers –

Covering topics on Risk Management, Engagement & Training, Vulnerability Management, Data Security, Logging & Monitoring and Incident Management, the guidance provides detailed advice on how to empower front line staff and their teams to become cyber aware. It also includes recommendations on preparing systems to be more resilient to cyber security threats and how to respond should a cyber-attack occur.

Trading online or storing customer contact data, means that businesses heavily rely on IT equipment and digital networks, which inevitably means that companies become at risk to cyber security threats.  Based in the West Midlands, JRW Risk Solutions are here to help companies with customer data and IT network protection through Cyber Liability Insurance. The Cyber Liability insurance policy we offer help companies to risk assess their digital systems. To find out how we could help to protect your business and mitigate the risk of cyber security threats, please get in touch.

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