2022 Highway Code Road Rule Changes

driving according to UK highway codeRecently, UK road law saw the largest highway code road rule changes take place in 4 years. This now means that road rules are now more focused on improving road use for vulnerable users.

The aim of the new highway code legislation is to improve road use for both pedestrians and cyclists and so that drivers recognise that through implementing these rules, they will become more aware of other road users.

New highway code legislation

According to the RAC, amongst several newly introduced aspects of legislation, the three core highway code factors, for which all drivers should be made aware of is:

  1. “creation of a new ‘hierarchy of road users’ that ensures those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others” – This means that road users who are most at risk are the highest priority and should be taken care, by other road users.
  2. “clarify existing rules on pedestrian priority on pavements and when crossing the road” – Pedestrians now have a priority to cross and drivers should give way at pavement junctions and crossings.
  3. “provide guidance on safe passing distances and ensuring cyclists and horse riders have priority when travelling straight ahead at junctions” – Up to speeds of 30 miles an hour and between their vehicle and the cyclist, drivers should leave a 1.5 metre gap and 2 metres for any higher speeds.

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