2022 business insurance planning

With a new year ahead, as a business owner it’s time to start putting in strategic plans in place, including assessing your 2022 business insurance, so that you can make the right decisions to suit the development of your company during 2022.

When initiating a suitable 2022 business insurance policy for the company, so often the policy renewal can be overlooked and rushed through at the last minute, due to other commitments within the business. Unfortunately, this does not always provide the right outcome for SME companies. Without assessing the detail, they often find themselves in a situation where they are underinsured or paying too much for their commercial insurance premium.

So that your company doesn’t find itself in this situation during 2022, JRW Risk Solutions recommend, making a note of the date as to when your 2022 business insurance renewal is due and then speak to other brokers like JRW Risk Solutions two month prior to the renewal date, to find out in plenty of time, if your business could be further protected or even save money on annual renewal premiums.

Consider what might have changed since you last committed to your policy. Has your business diversified due to the pandemic? Have you grown your team to take on more full-time and / or part-time employees? Has your sales turnover increased significantly? These are just a few examples that could affect your current insurance policy.

Finding the right 2022 business insurance

By discussing your new requirements with a commercial insurance broker like JRW Risk Solutions, provides the ideal opportunity to review your 2022 business insurance. With our personalised approach, West Midlands’s businesses are assured that they have the right insurance package in place to protect their company, coupled with ongoing support and a personalised service.

To find out more about commercial insurance which includes many bespoke options for sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Engineering, Property, Motor, Startups and Digital, please contact our team or see our website for further details.

For further information on UK insurance for small businesses, visit the .gov.uk website – What insurance does a small business need? – https://companieshouse.blog.gov.uk/2019/04/30/what-insurance-does-a-small-business-need/

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