Protecting your UK warehouse business throughout the Christmas season

UK warehouse business - employees at workChristmas demand is building, is your UK warehouse business protected?

With Christmas just around the corner and a significant move towards ordering online following the pandemic, the requirement to expand warehouses to dispatch stock as opposed to purchasing directly off the shelf in stores, is growing.

In a 2021 updated report ‘The size and makeup of the UK warehouse sector’, which was originally first published by UKWA in 2015, they determined that in recent years, demand for “warehouse space has risen to 566 million sqft” and is predicted to grow further as more and more high street stores move towards selling online.

What to consider when scaling up a UK warehouse business

Scaling up a business premises to accommodate more stock means accessing more space to store items, especially if businesses are looking to fulfil Christmas orders. For companies looking to increase warehouse space, considering other aspects such as, building security and safety, protecting extra employees, and securing stock whilst in transition, are equally important.

Finding the right UK insurer to take on protection of the expansion process can be quite daunting for business owners, but here at JRW Risk Solutions we take the pain away by providing advice and support in obtaining insurance, which covers all aspects of running a commercial UK warehouse business, so that companies can focus on fulfilling customer orders and meeting demand.

We not only look at policies for buildings, stock and associated assets we also assist with logistical covers for companies looking to dispatch goods to customers via delivery and courier teams.

To find out how we can help your business further, please contact our team at JRW Risk Solutions or read more about what we can help to insure through our wholesale and distribution insurance, commercial property insurance and courier logistics insurance website pages.


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