Creating safer UK buildings

Earlier this month, the UK government passed the Building Safety Bill, which has been devised to give homeowners and residents more rights, with an end goal to make safer UK buildings.

The new bill aims to overhaul current regulation, setting out a clear outline for how residents in high rise dwellings will be protected for the future and how safer UK buildings should be constructed.

Building owners will have a duty to manage safety and risk throughout the complete construction process. From the design and construction of a dwelling through to completion and the further management of residents.

Regulation for Safer UK buildings

Construction companies will incur tougher penalties should they not comply with standards for safer UK buildings. Whilst, building maintenance teams will have a duty to investigate safety concerns bought about by residents. Should they not comply, then residents will haver a right to notify the Building Safety Regulator.

For homeowners, compensation claim times will also be extended from 6 to 15 years, should a homeowner need to claim compensation for ‘sub-standard’ building work carried out at their property.

The aim of the bill is to increase the overall quality of newly built housing, over the years to come. The regulation will also see better quality of products used throughout the construction process which will be backed by the ‘National Regulator for Construction Products’.

Finally, taxes on developers are also anticipated to be introduced, to ensure that the industry plays its own role in contributing to the framework.

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