Manufacturing is using digital automation to improve efficiency

Increasingly, manufacturing industries are turning to digital automation and artificial intelligence (AI) within the workplace. By implementing high tech digital automation, digital equipment is used to replace manual assembly processes which further to this, can speed up production, can operate 24/7 and can quickly spot anomalies. Digital automation also feeds back real time data which is used to tweak processes, based on variating factors at any given time. This type of strategy is enabling manufacturing industries to become far more efficient and lucrative within their supply chain.

Whilst adopting these methods is wonderful for the future development manufacturing companies, cyber security plays a key role at the very heart of the manufacturing process. Understanding the impact of a cyber attack and how to minimise risk is imperative for companies to continually operate. After all, a cyber attack has the ability to halt production and no manufacturing business want this to occur!

So what should manufacturing industries consider when adopting digital automation?

  1. Understand how the new digital equipment operates.
  2. Be clear on how the equipment connects through networks and servers. Ensure that they are uniquely password protected and have a series of access levels.
  3. Train staff on how to use digital automation safely and inform them on the importance of cyber security.
  4. Employee a trained cyber specialist to review the security of equipment and how it is used within the workplace.
  5. Implement any further levels of cyber security where necessary.
  6. Obtain a commercial liability policy which includes cyber protection.

JRW Risk Solutions, offer commercial combined and combined liability insurance policies to manufacturing and engineering businesses across the West Midlands and the UK.  The products we offer and recommend cover many aspects of risk management, supply chain / production interruption insurance and cyber security insurance.  To find out how we can help to support your manufacturing and engineering businesses, please contact our commercial insurance team or see our website for further details.

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