Cyber Security is a challenge for SME business

Cyber security has been a great concern for companies over recent months.  The way in which we work in the UK has altered drastically. Across the UK, employers and their teams have adjusted to remote home working so that they can reduce face to face contact to minimise the spread of COVID19.

Subsequently, back in April 2020 staff were forced into setting up IT equipment within their homes to connect with other employers and customers by a means of a new way in telecommunicating and remote working. This meant that whilst some employees had the latest up-to-date technology, others may have used much older computers which meant that cyber security suddenly became a huge challenge for businesses.

Whilst our daily working lives are beginning to settle a little now and some employees have returned to their regular office space, others are continuing to work in this way for the forceable future. This has propelled businesses into a level of urgency to carry out a cyber security review and risk assessment of their IT structure. By determining where cyber vulnerabilities could lie within their working schedule to protect IT systems and the way in which they handle data between systems to prevent both hacking and a fragmentation of information they can operate safely.

Cyber liability insurance is the answer to security

As a result, JRW Risk Solutions can offer businesses support with cyber liability insurance which can be provided as a stand-alone policy or as part of a commercial combined policy. Cyber liability insurance can be put in place to protect businesses in terms of accessing servers, protecting data and to safeguard their IT equipment. To find out more please contact us or see our commercial liability page for further details.

For further information on protecting data in the UK, please see the website for more details –

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