Information for re-opening your business

re-opening for businessWith recent clarification from the UK government that a greater number of businesses can return to work as of June, companies across the UK are preparing their processes and their employees.  With a focus on operating safely in respect of getting up and running again and the added concern of protection against COVID19, there are many aspects to consider.

So, what procedures should directors and company managers be taking into account, so that they may effectively re-open their businesses, having shut down for a few months?

Testing Equipment and Machinery – Businesses such as those in manufacturing will need to test that equipment and machinery is operating in good working order.  This will entail carrying out a risk assessment to check that machines and equipment are safe to use.

Checking buildings for any damage – As buildings could have been closed up for a few months, checking leaky rooves, pipe work and window damage is essential.  Carry out a fire risk assessment to ensure that your premises is safe including the testing of sprinklers.

Evaluating security – Ensure that ‘normal’ security measures are back in place, as they were before lockdown and test alarm systems throughout the premises.

Getting your business in order – Some companies may have utilised their time away from usual production to do this already.  Carrying out a deep clean of the premises will create a safe working environment for returning employees, whilst allowing time to check levels of stock will enable businesses to establish what stock and raw materials will be needed, a priority to get up and running again.  Finally, evaluating how businesses will present their brands in going forward to give their companies the best potential in promotional opportunities could allow them to reach out to new markets than previously considered.

Implementing PPE – Following the outbreak of COVID19 companies across the UK are making adjustments to protect both their employees and their customers.  This may involve increasing spacing within working areas, displaying signage, installing screens, and ordering protective clothing. To find out more on guidance available to UK companies please see:

Training Employees – Finally when you do re-open your business, staff will need to be prepared to adhere to new working conditions.  By training employees in how they can work together safely and asking for regular feedback on their daily working environment will allow companies to implement the correct measures to sufficiently protect employees with health and safety at the forefront of their objective.

Put Insurance in place – Do not put your business at risk!  Here at JRW Risk Solutions we design bespoke commercial insurance policies to suit companies which include protecting their premises and business working environment.  Covering buildings insurance, public and employer’s liability, professional indemnity insurance plus much more, we will tailor a commercial insurance package in respect of your company, taking into account the products and/or services which you supply.  For further information please contact us or see our JRW Risk Solutions website for more details.

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