Mitigating against fire risk within Manufacturing and Engineering Sectors

grinder worker fire riskIndustrial factories and buildings across the West Midlands and those operating in the manufacturing and engineering sectors face extreme challenges in terms of potential fire hazard risk within their building premises.

Employers, owners, landlords, occupiers or premises controllers such as a facilities manager, all have a responsibility to reduce any harmful fire incident from initially igniting to becoming too dangerous.  It is not only extremely important to install the correct and up-to-date fire safety equipment but also train and inform staff by giving out fire safety instructions. Failure to do so, could result in a penalty fine or even imprisonment according to the .GOV.UK website.  Knowing your level of responsibility within your business is paramount. To find out more about what is required in terms of government legislation please visit –

Fires can start through a variety of reasons and especially when industrial hot-works processes are applied, such as grinding, welding or torch applied roofing, being the most common causes.  Upgrading industrial equipment and human error / planned arson are also valid motives.

Hot-works processes become extremely potential fire risks as a result of sparks and flammable gases coming into contact or igniting combustible dusts, burn injuries and fume inhalation are also a consequence. Often these situations are caused as a result of poor practice and processes with little focus on health and safety.

Protecting against fire risk with JRW Risk Solutions

JRW Risk Solutions are here to help commercial West Midlands Manufacturers and Engineering Companies who are looking to mitigate against fire risk. Through a fire risk evaluation of your business, we implement the correct procedures and policies to protect your company, staff, the general public and yourself. To find out more about mitigating against fire risk and how it applies to your company, please contact our team or see our manufacturing-and-engineering-insurance website page for more information on protecting your business.

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