Educating on Cyber Security

cyber security educational resource certificateWith the introduction of 5G this year, increasingly businesses are becoming more reliant on the internet to administer daily duties and tasks through cloud based software, whilst within the manufacturing industry, the likes of additive manufacturing and internet of things is growing to automate processes which historically would have only been achieved only by human assembly line operation.

Whilst these innovations are helping companies to cut costs, operate assembly lines and processes 24/7 and give businesses a greater capability to meet demand, the downside is the lack of resources and education amongst staff in terms of cyber security and how companies need to protect themselves to sustain for the future.

To begin our education programme at a much younger level, this month JRW Risk Solutions have teamed up with UK Council for Child Internet Safety and The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre initiative ‘Barney & Echo Community Services’ to sponsor ‘Caught in the Web’ with Brockmoor Primary School in Brierley Hill.  The initiative aims too deal with “issues such as bullying, personal security, gaming and social media and helps children at a young age make good decisions based upon sound educational advice”.

The most important factor here is that by educating people at a younger age, they will be aware of vulnerable signs of cyber-crime and have a clearer understanding for how to deal with cyber security in the future, which will transpire into the workplace as they grow older and become employed.  Creating a safer environment now is essential for the future of all internet-based businesses.

For further advice on cyber liability and how we can arrange protection for your company or organisation, please contact JRW Risk Solutions.

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