Businesses are being urged to improve their Cyber Security Strategy

cyber security strategyBasic human error is the most common form in allowing a security breach to occur.  Since the implementation of GDPR, UK businesses are coming under increased pressure to fight against cyber security with particular focus on improving the human element as to how they operate security.   With the Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive now able to issue fines of up to £17 million or 4 per cent of global turnover, it is vital the companies recognise their responsibility.

Often the basic security is over-looked, therefore JRW Risk Solutions would like to highlight the following cyber liability techniques which can help to reduce cyber security risks within a business.

  1. Update your passwords using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
  2. Ensure that your virus protection is switched on and that you have carried out a recent scan of your systems to detect and eliminate any viruses.
  3. Obtain malware protection. Malware can piggy back off other websites and emails by planting files on your computer that you won’t be aware are running.  If your computer begins to perform much slower than normal then you may have undetected malware running on the device.  Run a malware scan to detect and delete.
  4. Beware of emails that pose as your bank and those that might ask you to login or share personal information. Whilst they may look authentic, once clicked they may go to a different email address or website url – this means that they are not authentic!
  5. Certify your website with an SSL certificate. Featuring the recognisable padlock icon on your business website will inform users that your website is secure and safe to use.

JRW Risk Solutions are here to help with your cyber security strategy!

We can arrange Cyber Liability insurance protection for companies on different levels and product cover, subject to their requirements.  To find out more please contact our cyber security advisors.

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