Working with JRW Risk Solutions through the Autumn and Winter seasons

insurance policies winter weatherAs we move into the Autumn and Winter seasons, this month JRW Risk Solutions are focusing on encouraging business owners to check that they have the right insurance covers and policies in place to protect their business. Darker nights and varied weather conditions throw different challenges to companies that they might not have otherwise foreseen.

Here are some top tips to put your business insurance policies on the right track during these Seasons:

  1. Public Liability – Wet conditions equals slippy floors and road surfaces. Businesses are encouraged to carry out a risk assessment as part of their health & safety policy to ensure that areas are safe, and facilities are made available to the general public and staff. Displaying warning signs to indicate that surfaces and areas could be hazardous encourages the public to go carefully and think about their actions, whilst ensuring that your business adheres to the health & safety directive – Businesses that are open to the public, are required to have public liability insurance in place.
  2. Employer Liability – It is essential that business owners have employer liability in place when running companies who employ 1 or more members of staff. Through the autumn and winter seasons, some companies will be looking at increasing their recruitment capacity in time for Christmas when more staff are required to cope with consumer demand. Employer Liability cover protects businesses by evaluating and improving their current employment policy to work ethically when dealing with arising employee issues or complaints.
  3. General Insurance – This policy protects many areas of a business, especially the security of a premises during the dark nights, by covering the safety of customers and staff to the protection of a business against vandalism, break-ins and theft, general insurance. Additionally, as we embark on the Christmas shopping season, retailers encounter a greater customer footfall to their premises than usual and so stores generally hold a larger amount of stock to meet sales targets; this can also be covered by general liability insurance.
  4. Buildings Insurance – Essential for the protection of a company premises at any time of year and even more so throughout the autumn and winter months when bad weather can cause disasters, from pipes freezing and bursting to falling trees and the impacts of high winds. All can have a massive effect on businesses and impact their productivity. Ensuring that your building insurance is implemented to protect a commercial premises and is key to the safety of staff and the business, including the protection of equipment and stock.
  5. Speak to JRW Risk Solutions – Working across the Midlands and UK with manufacturers, retailers, wholesale and distribution, plus many more businesses. Our insurance policies are individually designed to suite companies and the challenges they face, to give them confidence their business and assets stay protected.

For more information on the commercial insurance policies JRW Risk Solutions offer businesses, please contact our team or see our website for further details.

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