Cyber breaches are a daily occurrence. So how can you improve your cyber security?

cyber securityMore and more companies are falling victim to a cyber breach.   As part of the UK government’s plan to combat cyber security, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) was set up in the UK in October 2016 to support both government departments and private commercial business as a ‘hub’ for cyber security information and excellence.

The centre’s aim is to offer a cyber security knowledge base to directors, managers and employees who require support.  They offer training, resources and assist companies who have found themselves victim to a cyber breach.

From their launch date in 2016 to the end of 2017, they reported on a significant 34 cyber-attacks that took place, with a larger sum of 762 which were less serious.  Subsequently, cyber resilience company NTT Security, revealed that 66% of UK companies are not insured against cybersecurity in its recent September 2018 blog post –

How we can help local businesses and organisations to implement cyber security protection

JRW Risk Solutions would like to urge company directors and managers across all industry sectors to check their business insurance policies for cyber security protection. Some companies may assume that they are covered whilst others may need to implement preventative measures within their business to update the policies in accordance with new EU GDPR regulation.

Whether you store data online or at your premises, under new GDPR regulation you are obliged by law to securely store customer and employee information including personal details such as names and addresses, contact information and bank details.  Failing to do so could result in your business incurring large fines which could be detriment to the future of your company or organisation, especially if your company files are hacked or information is stolen.

To find out how JRW Risk Solutions can support your business to protect against cyber security or a data breach, please contact our team today or visit our website –


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